Club Services

The greatest benefit of joining Brisbane Multiple Birth Association Northside (BMBAN) is the moral support and encouragement we offer to current and expectant parents of multiples. There are many opportunities to socialise with others who are going through, or have been through, the same experiences.
To support our members BMBAN offers the following events and services:

Play Groups

Being a parent to multiples has its own unique challenges, and playgroup is the perfect place to ask questions of other multiple birth parents. You will meet other parents with similar aged children and you can look ahead at the older multiples to see what the future has in store for you!
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Expectant Parent Information Sessions

Receive first hand information from those who have experienced the amazing journey that is multiples.

Topics covered include: Club services, Zygosity, Feeding, Routines + more!
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Bi-Monthly Newsletter

Our bi-monthly publication (excluding December) contains club contact details, a social calendar, relevant articles, member stories, birth announcements, birthdays, helpful hints, photographs, recipes
It’s a wonderful communication tool keeping our members up to date and in touch with one another and the world of multiples.

Social Events

Hosted by club members social events are a wonderful opportunity to de-stress, pick up some survival tips and make friends. All members are welcome.
Social events include: at home play dates, morning teas, mums & dads nights out, movie catch ups and more!

Equipment Hire

BMBAN has a range of products for hire including: Hospital Grade Breast Pumps, Hospital Bassinets, Feeding Pillows and Event Tables

Visit our Hire Store HERE

Local Contacts

Just found out that you expecting multiples or have multiples and want to find out more about the club and services?? Our local contacts are here to assist, support and share information based on shared experiences. The local contacts are assigned areas within the club boundaries and you will be linked to someone in your neighbourhood which ensures they can provide local on the ground information about having multiples in your area. They will help you access different areas of the club from Expectant Parent Nights, Breastfeeding Support, Playgroups and Special Events.

Club Events

Throughout the year BMBAN hosts a number of family friendly invites including but not limited to:
End of Year Celebrations
Train Days
Clothes Swaps
Multiple Birth Awareness Week Celebrations
Find out more about our Club Events HERE

Exclusive Discounts

The AMBA Board of Directors works alongside the clubs to implement national offers that all member families can benefit from, in addition to local club services.
Some major companies to support AMBA are: Huggies Nappies, Hello Fresh, Blackmores, Hire for Baby & More

Facebook Support Groups

BMBAN offers club members access to 3 MEMBERS ONLY Support Groups on Facebook.
These are:
BMBAN Members Only
Buy, Swap & Sell
School Age Multiples